Quam Pay Web

Quam Pay Web is a web application to complement the Quam Pay , payment kiosk where customers are able to pay bills. The web aplication is used by employees in shops which use the Quam Pay system. Employee uses a barcode scanner to scan the bills which customer wants to pay. The customer can also provide their ID number and/or phone number if they want to pay phone bills. Supports multiple bill scans and storno option. Customer can also recharge prepaid phone. Transactions are sent to main server used by Quam Pay. The user must login in order to use the application. A role based security system was implemented to create permission based roles. The roles of Admin and Employee restrict what the user can see and do. Once logged in the employees also have access to transaction reports for bills they processed. Each computer where the web application is used is treated as a cash register where cookies are used to denote work place number. Quam Pay payment kiosk acts as the server for Quam Pay Web application.

Application is built with ASP.NET, MVC, C# and SQL. The front end was developed with Razor, HTML, Javascript and Bootstrap. Backend utilizes MVC and C#. The existing database, built with SQL Server, was extended with additional procedures and tables used by the web application.