Izazov Black Friday

Izazov Black Friday is a website made for Black Friday offers for Croatian travel agency Izazov. The responsive website was made by taking into consideration the needs of the client and using their branding. Custom design consists of a home page (sections: landng, offers shown in cards, contact) and support pages (general information, travel information). When visitor clicks on button on the offer card, details of the offer are shown as well as an order form which the visitor can use to buy the offer. When a client buys an offer they recieve an email with payment instructions. At the same time an email is sent to Izazov informing them about the purchase. Alongside the website an administration web application was built to facilitate offer input. Izazov employee can make new offers, edit or delete existing ones. A simple security system was implemeted with one role. The user can administer offers and change their user password.

Website and Administrator applications were built with ASP.NET, MVC, C# and SQL. The front end was developed with Razor, HTML, Javascript and Bootstrap. For emails custom template was designed. Backend utilizes MVC and C#. The database was built with SQL Server.

If you visit the website, please ignore the security warning, SSL certificate needs to be renewed.

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